Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Trying out new blogging app ;)

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lovely day for a cuppa!

I've found the perfect gift for the caffeine addict in your life :)

How opportune that I wore my Starbucks t-shirt today! :D

No, it's not an actual coffee cup, but a planter cunningly disguised as one. (An actual coffee cup of this size would probably ensure wakefulness til the New Year) This comes with a matching saucer, but both were just too heavy for me to lift at the same time :D

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Movie Day

Met up with Betsy and Goldster at Galleria to watch 'Transformers' and 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' last Sunday. The Movieworld peon who gave Betsy the times got them all wrong, so instead of TF at 11am, we ended up watching HP at 11:20am (and scheduled TF for 4:30pm). Thank goodness we did watch them in that order - TF was a much better movie to end the day on than HP! (ducks beneath the hail of rotten tomatoes being thrown by hordes of Muggles) See the reviews below :)

More Than Meets The Eye

Goldster and I felt a wee bit conspicuous when we walked into the theater to watch Transformers - after all, we were probably the only women there who weren't forced to watch it with their kids, boyfriends or husbands :p As it was, the theater was packed (ticket counter said standing room only), which made it a bit of a godsend to find a couple of seats sorta near each other (if in two different rows). However, a really nice dad sitting near Goldster made one of his kids move over and gave me a seat beside my pal :) Thanks, dude!

As usual, there will be spoilers! Bu-hahahaha! >ahem.<>Optimus Prime! YEAH!
2) The scene where Prime and the others try to hide around Sam's house - priceless!
3) A boy and his car. Awww...
4) Jazz had the snazziest car-to-robot transformation! A headstand and a flip? Neat!
5) Explosions galore! Blackout and the Qatar base attack, the highway chase scene, the showdown in the city... :D
6) Ironhide rocks :)
7) Bumblebee was so much fun at the start, when he kept tuning the radio to match whatever was going on in Sam's life. ("Baby come back..." rofl!)
8) "To punish and enslave." Funny, that reminds me of some of the cops over here...
9) "Are you ebay user Ladiesman217?!?" LOL
10) "Sorry, my bad." - OP!
11) When Megatron sees a human near him, he goes "Disgusting." and flicks the guy away like a bug. Hee! Nicely enough, you can see the cgi guy has some give to him and actually conveys a regular person's, uh...squishiness.

The Bad:
1) Starscream's original voice actor being dead. I would've loved hearing that guy on the big screen :) He's always been my favorite Decepticon...
2) What was the point of getting Hugo Weaving to be Megatron's VA? I mean, with all the synth stuff they did to his voice, he didn't even sound like himself, so Michael Bay could've gotten any schmuck off the street and through the power of technology made him sound like Megatron. Sheesh.
3) Sam and Michaela's making out on Bumblebee's hood. Eeuww.
4) Bumblebee's calling the rest of the Autobots in just smacks of the Bat-signal. Blech.
5) I missed Starscream's bright red and white paintjob. All the other Decepticons had such dark moody color schemes - Starscream was the snazziest of them all!

The Ugly:
1) Optimus Prime has a nose and a mouth? Weird!
2) I preferred the original eye design of the Transformers. The new eyes made me think of C3PO.
3) Prime's speech about Jazz's courage and etc. is all very good, but why did he have to hold him up in two parts? That...didn't look too good. I mean, they could've had him kneel next to Jazz or something...

Things That Made Me Go Huh?
1) When the Autobots 'scan' cars (to transform into) - how do they mimic it so exactly? I mean, look at when Bumblebee changes from old beat-up Camaro to the shiny new one; how does his paintjob transform along with him? Would this mean the Transformers have nigh molecular control over their selves? How do they get all their parts realigned to fit the new form?? And where does the extra mass come from (and go)? A Camaro can't be so much smaller than a Porsche, yet when Jazz transforms, he looks bigger than BB.
1-b) When Prime runs from his landing site, he doesn't look quite as bulky as he does when he and the other Autobots meet up with BB, Sam and Michaela. He only gains the extra bits with the red and blue flame job *after* he 'scans' the rig passing by him on the higway. Again, where did the extra mass come from?
2) When Section 7 snags Bumblebee, I can understand that the ropes might be hard to break (as BB is the smallest Autobot - intimating he's the weakest). However, when he's struggling against the ropes, why aren't the 'copters bobbing around trying to keep tension in the ropes so BB can't transform and escape?
3) No explanation for why the 'new' TFs (the cellphone, PC, etc. that got hit by the AllSpark) were always hostile. Is this because the AllSpark gives life, but not necessarily intelligence? (This sorta explains Grimlok :D )
4) How did BB regain his voice? First, Prime says he got hurt in a battle and Ratchet couldn't fix it; then he gets caught by Section 7, is tortured, escapes, gets the hell kicked out of him by the Decepticons, and >poof!< he can speak again?

Note: This post can and will be updated - if I feel like it.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Sorry about not updating sooner - World of Warcraft has eaten my life. (Not that I had much of one anyway.) Will probably be back-posting from December onwards when the WoW server is down again - but I'll be leaving this post up as a guideline to updates.

Wish me luck in WoW!
Or better yet, send WoW prepaid cards.
Kyerul, Level 45 Night Elf Hunter, Magtheridon



Friday, June 01, 2007

Ghost Rider

I watched Ghost Rider on dvd today instead of playing WoW - now I didn't read Ghost Rider as much as I did the X-Men, so I've no idea whether the story was faithful (or not) to canon. Knowing Hollywood though, it probably ain't ;) And yes, I watched it knowing full well it got terrible reviews - I just wanted to see what it was like for meself.

As usual, there will be spoilers!

The Good:
1) OMG, that is one shweet chopper! I want a motorcycle that leaves a fiery trail of destruction behind me too!
2) Young Johnny Blaze. Purr...
3) Where the Caretaker tells Johnny Blaze to sterilize a needle. Wahahaha!
4) "I'm good. I feel like my skull's on fire, but I'm good."
5) Clueless goth girl's tv interview and description of Ghost Rider - hee!
6) "I sold my soul to the devil." Aw, you just have to watch that's so funny :D
7) Sam Elliott (Caretaker/Carter Slade) is so cool!
8) Supporting characters like Stuart and Mack were, at times, more fun that the leads.

The Bad:
1) What's with the pointing thing??? Unforgiveable overacting or just bad camera angles?
2) The fact that Nick Cage's hairpiece took 3 hours to apply every day. The actual hairpiece was quite good :)
3) Roxanne's wardrobe: first she looked too girly for words (with all the dresses); then suddenly she starts falling out of her shirts...
4) Johnny Blaze's transformation into Ghost Rider in the holding cell - cheesy!
5) When JB first transforms into GR, I found myself wondering whether the reason why GR wears gloves is that his hands look too scrawny to be manacing...and why his flaming skull looked so tiny compared to his shoulders. At least they seemed to have remedied that in later shots.

The Ugly:
1) Blackheart and the Nephilim's fashion faux pas - all these long coats and the fake fur lapels on Abigor - ugh.

Things That Made Me Go Huh?
1) Ghost Rider stops a mugger and the guy stabs him in the shoulder; when Johnny Blaze wakes up in the cemetary, he has a gash on his shoulder that the Caretaker has to sew up. But when NYPD shoots him full of holes after the rooftop fight with Abigor, Johnny Blaze has nary a scratch.

*Post will be updated if and when I feel like it.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007


The Most Memorable Customer of the Day showed up around closing time.

MMDC: Magkano ang Gilbey's [gin]? (Do you have any Gilbey's?)
Nunkie: 120 [pesos].
MMDC: Isa po. (One, please)
*Nunkie starts wrapping it up.*
MMDC: Meron ba kayong lime juice? (Do you have any lime juice?)
Nunkie: Meron. (Yes, we do.)
MMDC: Anong flavor? Orange? (What flavor? Orange?)
Me: >Are you hearing the words that are coming out of your mouth?!?<